Pregnancy and Lactation

Naturopathic doctors can offer support during pregnancy in many forms, which are safe, natural and effective. I can help support your pregnancy by offering well-researched nutritional and supplement recommendations to optimize your health and the development of the baby, provide check ups per trimester as well as performing weekly acupuncture during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy to improve your chances of delivering by your due date.
I also offer care to prevent and treat complications that can arise during pregnancy such as:
◦ Nausea and vomiting
◦ Fatigue and dizziness
◦ Heartburn
◦ Insomnia
◦ Gestational diabetes
◦ PreEclampsia
◦ Positive Strept Test (GBS+)
◦ Overdue labour
I also provide nutritional and medical support to optimize lactation

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