Mood is another common area that is listed, however not identified as a primary concern.  I believe it’s because it’s difficult to change mood and behaviour if we are experiencing physical discomfort on a daily basis, and many people succumb to mood problems as a normal part of their individual daily functioning.  This may be true, but there can always be some range of improvement one can achieve with regulating mood if we can identify to allow us to better cope with our external and internal stressors.  I work with a wide range of mood disorders, whether it’s something situational such as premenstrual syndrome, or daily responses to stress, or something more significant such as diagnosed depression and anxiety.   I have a strong understanding and extensive education on mood-oriented pharmaceuticals and will recommend treatments that can work alongside, and in some cases, alternative to these prescribed medications.  However the number one goal to any of my treatments is to help you feel better and give you the tools to efficiency cope with our internal and external stressors.

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