What is Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a unique discipline of clinical sciences that merges the modern medical diagnostic tools, with evidence-based and time-proven holistic treatments. Naturopathic physicians require a 4-year undergraduate degree and pre-medical sciences from an accredited university, followed by 4 years of medical training at an accredited college of Naturopathic Medicine. During and after their 4 years of study, naturopathic doctors are required to write two sets of board exams administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE), before they are able to register for their license. Naturopathic doctors are licensed and regulated by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. As of 2015, Naturopathic Doctors have obtained the rights to prescribe a number of prescription-only substances such as bio-identical hormones and injectable therapies pending that we attend rigorous training and passed an examination on pharmacology and pharmaceutical prescribing.

I was drawn to naturopathic medicine for its core beliefs in targeting the root cause of disease, not just the symptoms. This means that I will work with an individual to overcome their health concerns through treatments which strengthen the body, and re-establish the innate system of balance (homeostasis). The goal of naturopathic doctors is to throughly assess our patients through an in-depth clinical intake and necessary diagnostic testing, and recommend treatments that are the safest, and most fitting to each individual case. Many of these treatments include a combination of botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and nutraceuticals, traditional chinese medicine, physical medicine and if and when indicated, pharmaceutical treatments.

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