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I help people with chronic health concerns learn how to manage their health, holistically. Providing medical care and education on the effect of dietary and environmental influences on your symptoms, I can help you manage your chronic disease solely through naturopathic approaches, or in safe collaboration with your other medical interventions.

Autoimmune diseases are complex and difficult to manage. I address the complexity of these diseases holistically, with the goal of reducing the severity of symptoms, slowing disease progression, and overall improving your quality of life.

Symptoms like painful bloating, excessive gas, and bowel movement issues can be debilitating. Addressing the underlying cause of digestive symptoms improves nutrient absorption, supports detoxification processes, and regulates immune function.

Hormone imbalances can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. If one hormone is not regulated, your other hormones quickly follow suit and over time lead to chronic concerns. Rebalancing hormones improves your energy, sleep, fertility, and reproductive health.

High blood pressure, cholesterol concerns, and metabolic issues like diabetes stem from both genetics and excessive inflammation in the body. My approach is to identify lifestyle factors and biochemical/nutritional imbalances that are contributing to your symptoms and create a custom treatment plan that suits your busy life.

Helping people reach their health goals in the GTA for over 10 years.

A naturopathic doctor for over a decade, I focus in treating autoimmune and cardiometabolic diseases. I focus on functional and integrative medical approaches, utilizing the best from both naturopathic and conventional medical principles, diagnostics, and treatments. I am committed to providing patients with care that aligns with current research, designed for your specific needs.

Helping people reach their health goals

Family Health

I provide comprehensive treatment plans to keep you and your family healthy. I can help you grow your family through fertility consultations, provide naturopathic pregnancy support for your growing baby, and provide naturopathic care to your child once they’ve entered this world. I also offer treatment plans to keep the immune system balanced and robust during the cold and flu season, food introduction coaching for your growing infant, and well-child checks.

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Modalities and Treatments

n Clinical Nutrition I provide dietary suggestions and nutraceutical recommendations based on your health concerns and the latest laboratory findings.

n Botanical Medicine I am a registered medical herbalist with experience in creating custom, evidence-based herbal formulations to help support your overall health.

n Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Combining both the Western scientific perspective and traditional Chinese Medicine, I’ll create a well-rounded treatment plan, applying herbs and acupuncture treatments when necessary to treat your condition.

n Lifestyle Counselling Many chronic health conditions arise from imbalances in our environment. I can help you understand what areas of your lifestyle require attention for the best health outcomes.

n Visceral Manipulation Our posture and sedentary lifestyles play a contributing role in how our organs function. Visceral manipulation releases physical pressure off the internal organs which can lead to their dysfunction, through light manipulation of the abdominal organs. This therapy is gentle, effective, and subtle and can be a great add-on therapy to help accelerate your healing.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Learn more about my approach to naturopathic medicine and how it can benefit your life.

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