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My approach to diabetes prevention and treatment

My Approach to Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that can be greatly influenced by dietary and lifestyle factors. In fact if you can start working on your blood sugars early enough, you may be able to avoid medications and manage your concerns through proper coaching on healthy, blood sugar-friendly choices and exercise. I help my patients improve their blood sugar levels through well-researched dietary suggestions, which focuses on whole foods rather than encouraging processed sugar-free (but still unhealthy) options. Naturopathic treatments can improve the body’s ability to control blood sugars, improve insulin resistance, and prevent long term complications such as nerve and kidney damage.

If your diabetes has progressed, there are a number of supportive treatments I can provide in order to improve your quality of life and to prevent further complications from this disorder.

Treatment goals for diabetes:

n Improved insulin sensitivity
n Control blood sugars through healthy dietary choices
n Prevent and treat nerve damage
n Prevent and treat eye damage
n Prevent and treat kidney damage
Composition with different herbs and bottles of essential oil

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