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Thyroid imbalances (high and low) are a common cause for many unexplained symptoms experienced by many patients. Thyroid imbalances can be caused by nutritional deficiencies, viral infections, or from autoimmune origins.

My Approach to Thyroid Care

Botanical medicine is the use of medicinal properties of plants to treat health conditions, and is the source and inspiration of many pharmaceutical medications today.

Each plant has its own unique medicinal properties, provided to us straight from mother nature. Most modern pharmaceuticals are based on the medicinal action of a plant, however, they are only isolated, synthetic derivatives of the “active ingredient” within the plant. This single ingredient is widely known to produce unwanted side effects as a pharmaceutical drug, which in the long run may cause more harm than good.

The side effects of the active ingredient still exist within the whole botanical plant, however, much like the human body, whole plants are a unique system of balance (homeostasis). With this active ingredient, the plant also contains ingredients specifically to counteract these side effects, as well as other ingredients to enhance the action of the active ingredient.

Other plants can also be implemented to enhance the positive action of the primary plant, while counteracting the side effects. This system of synergy is known to us herbalists as an “entourage effect”. There are a wide variety of ways one could take a plant, such as alcohol, or aqueous-based tinctures, herbal teas, powdered capsules, and tablet forms. Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in the use, dosage and type of botanicals, indicated for your condition.

Generalized symptoms that may be signs of thyroid imbalances include:

n Low energy
n Anxiety and depression
n Constipation
n Headaches
n Hair loss
n Dry skin/oily skin
n Excessive sweating
n Unexplained weight loss and/or weight gain
n Infertility
Lemons and oils

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