Naturopathic Medicine for Your Pregnancy

Nutritional support and naturopathic treatments for mild and common symptoms associated with a pregnancy.

I offer evidence-based recommendations to optimize your health during pregnancy to support the healthy development of your growing baby. I can address many concerns that come up during pregnancy and provide resources to help you achieve a natural and safe labour and delivery.

Health concerns commonly treated include:

n Nausea and vomiting
n Fatigue and dizziness
n Heartburn
n Insomnia
n Gestational diabetes
n Preeclampsia
n GBS+ support
n Overdue labour
I also provide nutritional and medical support to optimize lactation and prevent complications such as yeast infections and blocked/infected milk ducts.

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Dr. Lee’s practice is full. She is not accepting new patients at the moment and our waitlist is full. Please check back in early spring for new patient openings.