Functional Approaches to Heart Health

Heart disease is both genetic and lifestyle oriented. I can’t change your genetics, but I can help you find the environment that keeps your body in balance despite your genetics.

My Approach to Treating Cardiovascular Disease

Many patients that seek naturopathic care to manage their cardiovascular health concerns express their frustration with the amount of medication that is used to control the condition and the lack of education around healthy dietary and preventative approaches to improve outcomes. My approach to treating cardiovascular disease couples significant dietary and lifestyle changes with evidence-based naturopathic medical treatments such as herbal medicine, to reduce your need for multiple medications, and to reduce risk for cardiovascular events. Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in potential nutrient-herb-drug interactions and are very careful with choosing a treatment plan that will work with your current pharmaceutical treatment plan. I also work with people who are interested in prevention – for those who know of a strong family history for heart disease and would like to start early to mitigate these risk factors.

Heart conditions I have experience in treating include:

n Hypertension
n Coronary Artery Disease
n Arrhythmia
n Atherosclerosis
n High Cholesterol
n Congestive Heart Failure
n Varicose Veins
Doctor checking patient's heart condition

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