Naturopathic Fertility Support

Helping you achieve your goals to grow your family through naturopathic support.

Naturopathic medicine offers a unique blend of evidence-based and traditional methods to help you optimize your fertility.

My approach is based on an individualized approach, not applying generalized protocols to every person that comes in with fertility goals. Naturopathic medicine works on finding the root cause of infertility, whether it be hormonal imbalances, organ dysfunction, immune system disorder, and/or related to mental-emotional stress. After a thorough intake, laboratory testing, and a detail-oriented assessment, you will go home with a completely individualized treatment plan. Treatment goals include cycle regulation, hormone balance, decreasing systemic inflammation of the body, and addressing nutrient deficiencies. For male-factor fertility concern, we work on improving sperm count, sperm motility, and hormone balance.

Whether it be taking a completely natural approach to fertility, or seeking supportive care with IUI/IVF, naturopathic treatments can help you achieve success.

Typical treatment plans involve a combination of the following:

n Dietary and lifestyle recommendations: This plays a significant part in optimizing fertility and something I expect my patients to take very seriously. Compliance to dietary changes is essential for a successful outcome.
n Botanical medicine
n Nutriceutical recommendations
n Acupuncture
Composition with different herbs and bottles of essential oil

Naturopathic doctors can play a critical supportive role in helping you achieve your fertility goals. I believe in integrative care so I encourage working within a team of healthcare providers in order to optimize treatment outcomes.

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