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Healing your skin, from the inside out

My Approach to Treating Skin Conditions

The naturopathic approach to treating skin problems focuses on identifying biochemical and environmental imbalances that influence the health of your skin. There are many underlying health conditions such as immune system dysfunction (autoimmune and atopy), and hormonal imbalances, that are identified as the root causes for specific skin disorders. 

No matter what the cause, functional problems common to most skin conditions include impaired detoxification, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the microbiome. Topical treatments are an integral part of the skin healing process, as they aid in repairing the damage that has already been done, while restoring a healthy pH and improving skin barriers.

Aloe vera and honey

Skin Conditions I have experience treating:

n Eczema
n Psoriasis
n Acne
n Fungal infections
n Hives/Urticaria
n Vitiligo
Lemons and oils

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