Restore and Maintain Your Digestive Health

Improving your digestive health will improve your overall health

Digestive Health is Essential to Maintaining Optimal Health.

The gateway to obtaining our essential nutrients, our digestive system includes organs that aid in detoxification and elimination of unwanted substances. It also houses the intestinal microbiome, one of the largest producers of neurotransmitters and a powerful regulator of the immune system.

My Approach to Treating Digestive Health Conditions

I help people improve digestive health through dietary recommendations, nutrients, and herbal medicine to ease gastrointestinal inflammation, encourage natural detoxification processes, and maintain a healthy microbiome. I also help patients regulate the gut-brain connection, helping patients who experience digestive symptoms related to stressful events or mental health conditions.

Digestive concerns commonly treated include:

n Diarrhea
n Constipation
n Bloating
n Heartburn/Reflux
n Irritable Bowel Syndrome
n Celiac disease
n Crohn’s disease
n Ulcerative Colitis
n Diverticulitis
n Hemorrhoids
n Ulcers
n Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
Ginger tea - Digestive concerns

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